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Our design group is closed for summer holiday and will reopen Tuesday Aug, 4th at noon. Production is working and will ship as scheduled.
Cast Bronze Plaques - Why buy from us?
  1. See design proofs on line in real time(*),
  2. Real time (*) design and production when using the wizard,
  3. Same day FULL SIZE proofs for larger plaques,
  4. Free design changes done in real time (*) on rush orders,
  5. Your proof is 100% accurate and to scale - WYSIWYG
  6. Our prices are discounted,
  7.  No sales taxes (except Virginia),
  8. Free ground shipping in the contiguous 48 states !!
  9. 5 working days production (added cost) using our GUARANTEED premium production.
  10. NEW - Track production and shipping on line.

(*) DEFINITION - Real Time - (1) right before your eyes, (2) as we speak on the phone, on line proofs change on your computer screen, (3) from concept to a finished design in seconds.

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When is bronze not bronze? Free Design Wizard No Obligation Quote
Simple - bronze is not bronze when the name is preceded by another word in its name.  Real bronze is created by melting down PURE ingots of copper, tin and lead in an 88/10/2 ratio.  Bronze is FOREVER.

Some places sell plaques and signs made of faux bronze and do not openly state what their materials are.  We know of one that is metallic coated plastic made to look like bronze.  Another that is a mixture of available metals (including iron that rusts) made to simulate bronze.  While these faux bronze products may be usable for your purpose, they can not outlive real bronze.

Bronze Plaque Design WizardUSE OUR FREE DESIGN WIZARD.  No cost - no obligation.  You can design your own plaque, INSTANTLY view a scaled proof and price, and if you like it, you can buy it.  FREE - NO PURCHASE OBLIGATION.  Try it here.

If you prefer that we design your plaque, please fill out our cast plaque quote request here.

Or click here to get an on line quote.

Pricing Custom Plaques
Our prices are discounted.   We do not offer a low come on price and then add cost for each character or piece of mounting hardware.  WE DO NOT CHARGE BY THE CHARACTER!!! When you submit your on line quote request,  you will get a full and accurate quotation and a convenient link for purchasing your plaque on-line.
We custom design cast metal plaques (bronze plaques, aluminum plaques, etched plaques), cast metal house signs, cast metal signs and can provide bronze statues and bronze sculptures for your memorial gardens. Our web site provides only a small sample of some of our designs. Please call one of our specialists or use the link at the top of this page to request a quotation.
Many of our cast metal plaques (bronze plaques, aluminum plaques, and etched plaques) are available for purchase on line here or click on the link at the top of this page, or here to request a quote on another design. All of our cast metal and etched plaques are custom designed to meet your requirements.
All seal art shown on this site is available for use on our cast metal plaques ( bronze plaques, aluminum plaques, and etched plaques). Typically, 4" and larger must be used on cast metal plaques while slightly smaller versions may be used on etched plaques. Please contact a sales representative for specifics and added costs for inclusion.
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About Our Company
Our designers have the experience to create cast bronze plaques that will look good and stand the test of time. Anyone can lay out words using a word processor and define different font styles and sizes that look good on paper. It takes one of our specialists to produce a layout that will take into account the process of casting molten metal into a finished plaque. You will find that when it is all said and done, it costs no more to have our experts create the design. Plaques of this type have very specific artwork requirements that we have documented here.

Our services are different from other who sell cast bronze plaques by the involvement of our highly qualified graphics designers in the casting process. Our demonstrated capabilities and knowledge of the casting process is unique. What this means for our customer is that when working with our designers, you are speaking to someone who understands bronze casting and not just a middle man who will pass your request to a foundry design department. Proper formatting, line widths, stroke and details that must be resolved prior to casting can be resolved with our designer. This assures you that you will get a quality product in the shortest time possible.

We can provide your scaled proof within 24 hours of placing your order, and revisions, if needed, within hours.
Cast Plaques (Cast Bronze Plaques and Cast Aluminum Plaques)
These are used to identify, dedicate, commemorate or recognize people, places, deeds or events. They provide the versatility to accommodate each of these functions more professionally and with more dignity than any other medium available. They are a symbol of distinction, projecting an image of quality and stability and add to the professional quality of any architectural environment. We offer unlimited possibilities for bronze or aluminum castings. For schools, colleges, and universities, bronze projects an image of prestige and stability. No other product matches the permanence or beauty of a bronze plaque for a lasting tribute.
Find everything about cast plaques;  sizes , borders,  textures,  colors,  fonts ,  finishes, mounting , and image treatments that can be used on cast bronze plaques and cast aluminum plaques.
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